Sunday, 12 March 2017


Try talking to Plaid Cymru members about the futility of Wind Turbines on Mynydd y Gwair and of the pathetic average 8 MW energy contribution to the UK Grid of 52,000 MW – about 40,000 MW most days – Plaid Cymru members absolutely refuse to listen. I really believe that this “green” thing has replaced the closing down of Chapels for most Plaid Cymru members. A replacement for religion. Denying Wind Turbines would be like saying there is no God to many of our Grand Parents at the end of the Victorian era.

The truth of the matter is that since advent of S4C and the Welsh Assembly Nationalism and the cause of Welsh Independence have been politically in decline as far as Plaid Cymru is concerned and cares little to address. S4C along with a growing 'Welsh Language Industry' has come to serve a post WWII largelly rural 'Baby Boomer' middle class that for a long while faced a doubtful future as Chapels declined and schools no longer offered a safe option for employment as comprehensives broadened employment to all language sectors of the population. So, the growing and expanding 'Welsh Language Industry' provided 'Cymraeg' education and the Welsh Schools Movement was born. How successful must by now be debatable as on the whole whilst appealing to English speaking Welsh it does not appear many of their children post education have carried 'Yr Hen Iaith' with them into the wider Welsh world whilst children of a 'Cymraeg' background have via the 'Welsh Language Industry' produced a very powerful and influential 'Crachach Newydd' served well by Plaid Cymru in the Welsh Assembly.

All this may be seen as a forward thinking Saunders Lewis when he directed 'Cymraeg' students away from the Tryweryn struggle towards revival of 'Cymraeg' in creation of a new Welsh speaking middle class. So successful whilst once seeing Welsh Nationalism under Gwynfor Evans as useful to their ends today have no more great need of unless as via the politics of Welsh Asssemly  'Devolution Dilletantism' they may advance into the world of quisling politics that sees 'Welsh Nationalism' and 'Welsh Independence' as not only being no advantage but also an embarrassment. Possibly too the declining 'Old Religion' today of no great advantage to 'Y Crachach Newydd', however as it would be a self serving virtue this new middle  class has seen the adoption of 'Green' politics something that makes them still appear to be worthy self rightous individuals within the local and National community.

Thus there you have it apart from fact that 'Devolution Dilletantism' as offered via the Welsh Assembly a millenial generation of middle class English speaking Welsh the opportunity of fullfilling their midde  class social values and economic interests as A.M's but first requiring a politcal party to serve such. A party which is pliable and as no real rock solid political philosophy and ideaology and clear political interests. a Party such as Plaid Cymru the new indigenous 'Greenish Party'. Of course this requires 'English Speaking Welsh' to show a slavish support for 'Y Crachach Newydd'. Thus this is where we are at politcally with a two faced Plaid Cymru that shirks any real responsibility to our indigenous communities as of Mynydd y Gwair quite eager via Tan 8 Treachery to give away Welsh land to Anglo - German eco - colonists but worse of all to the English Aristocrat Duke of Somerset. I ask myself are there any real Nationalists today within Plaid Cymru, doubtfull despite a rather forelorn 'YES CYMRU' for most part what one may describe as being 'Nationalist' are usually a Pathetic 'Cilmeri' Fringe of  Plaid Cymru camp followers otherwise there is the lonely 'unconstructed nationalist' Roy Jones aka 'Swansea Jac' desirous of a 'Welsh Freedom Party' but does not have the guts to get off his fb bum and form one.

Me? too busy with only a few more months of my Mynydd y Gwair campaigning then heading soon for post  seventy poltical retirement complete with an IPF 'lung condition' and thus best i can suggest is to join the 'Stryveland Cymru' struggle

For starters do not vote Plaid Cymru in the May Elecions better to vote Owain Glyndwr, if you get my drift?

However, first step May Elections